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Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm Too Sick To Write...So Here's A Pointer To Something Worth Reading :)

Ugh, I hate having a chest cold-thing when it's summer weather...AND a holiday weekend!

The only advantage is that I have the chills while everyone is complaining of the heat.

Anyway, this interesting piece reminds me of why I don't always feel like doing any writing in public when I'm not feeling well...at least, not with so many really pissed-off people around to send me hate mail.

It's not even very creative hate mail.

On another subject, if you're in the US or from the US, Happy Labor Day weekend!

Ok, wages have been flatlined for years now and jobs have been sliced and outsourced to death and unemployment hit a 26-year high today I think but: do NOT let me spoil the party, since I'm just jealous that I'm stuck in bed!

The last rays of the summer sun are starting to vanish... Enjoy them while they are there.


  1. Sadly, I think David Sirota nailed what's really wrong with this nation. I too miss being able to discuss politics with anybody any time, in order to learn or just pass the time.

  2. It was so nice when you could be members of different parties and discuss politics and still remain friends!


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