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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Man Of The Hour: Thom Hartmann

Thom Hartmann: let us buy into Medicare.
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Why is Medicare confined to the elderly and the disabled/chronically ill...the most expensive health care users? Why do the private companies get exclusive rights to the healthier population they carefully cherry-pick for maximizing premium collections vs. potential claims? We tolerate this, which lets many of our citizens remain uncovered or undercovered, and also comes with at least 18,000 fatalities ANNUALLY...for what reason?

Could the extremists sit down and shut up so the rest of us could get some health care?

Medicare is not perfect (nothing is) but with what we are paying for our crazy "system" now, we could afford to fix its problems with $$$ left over. Oh, maybe a few bloated executive wallets might suffer, but I can live with that. Can't you?

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  1. Interesting play. If we have to ditch the public option (still pissed off about that, I'd love to take the vast majority of this country's inhabitants and shoot them straight into the sun or a conveniently nearby black hole) then this might just be "acceptable" enough to have a shot at working - and would be a good first step towards getting what we REALLY want.

    I'm really pissed at the spineless democrats we fought tooth and nail to get into office - it seems that the only thing they worry about is losing their jobs. I say MAKE THEM WORRY - take the fight to their offices - IF YOU DON'T VOTE THE WAY WE WANT TO, WE WILL *VOTE YOU OFF THIS FUCKING ISLAND*


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