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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DONATIONS NEEDED: End the CA Budget Crisis Once And For All: George Lakoff Plan!

Pass This On!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Our budget process is failing California. Right now, a small minority of legislators (1/3 plus 1) of either the assembly or senate can block the will of the majority. This is undemocratic. It has led to the closing of our state parks, public libraries, andfire departments. It has decimated our educational system and social safety net. It is now time to ACT.

We have an opportunity to pass a proposition in November 2010 to overturn the 2/3 requirement to pass the California budget and raise revenue. Our proposition is simple - one sentence, 14 words:

"All legislative actions on revenue and budget must be determined by a majority vote."

The CA Majority Rule campaign is dedicated to making this happen. This is your chance to change California history with one simple sentence.

In order to run an effective campaign, we first need to conduct a public opinion poll to aid in our message strategy. Author and Professor George Lakoff has drafted questions and we are in the process of hiring a reputable polling company. We need to raise money to conduct this unique poll.

If we don't act now, we may lose the opportunity to pass this initiative.

To DONATE, click on the link below:

Please donate what you can. If each of our supporters donates just $35, we can reach our $35,000 goal quickly and entirely with grassroots support!!

The West L.A. Democratic Club has offered to accept funds for the poll through this special Act Blue page. With your support, WE WILL WIN in November 2010.

Deana Igelsrud

Help fund the George Lakoff Poll go to:

To learn more about CA Majority Rule
visit our website: (www.CAMajorityRule.com)

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