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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Historic Health Care Bill Passes The House

This is an historic moment, despite the complexity of the legislation and the confusion about it and the emotions stirred by it...and yes, I'm calmer now since my last post !

But I didn't find it possible to sift the information and opinions I've come across in the past two days into anything slick and succinct without feeling like that would be unfair. This is a time for intelligent deliberation, not more one-liner sound bites and misleading partial quotes.

What I was able to put together is here: http://donaldburr.com/healthcare.pdf

and thank you Donald Burr for putting it up on your server for free! (Starving Economists love it when we have things done for us for free...)

Health care has been such a third rail for so long, and our nation's problems with delivering it affordably have been the root of so much suffering which often appears unnecessary, that it is unsurprising so many passions have been stirred. Including my own. Thank you to those who have been bearing with me.

We shall muddle through...

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