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Friday, November 6, 2009

Kucinich Amendment Drop Kick

And here is the crushing blow.

Trying not to use the b*-word.

No, not "bitch."



Look, those of you who are viscerally opposed to having anything like Medicare for yourselves, ok. Your state would not have been forced to adopt such a system. But this quote of Senator Kucinich from the above article is still an important point to ponder, my friends:

"...As long as there are for-profit health insurance companies, there will be no effective way to protect consumers against ever escalating premiums, co pays and deductibles, unless the insurance companies know that people at a state level will always have a choice to reject the insurance companies and establish a single-payer not-for-profit system.

"That is why the Kucinich Amendment must be put back in the health care bill, not just to protect the rights of states to pursue single payer, but to protect the rights of consumers to be free of the economic death grip of the insurance companies."

Think about it.

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