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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Social Insecurity

I personally don't believe we should all trust on our investing luck and skills to finance our retirement years. It's easy to be the one who picked the wrong investment, isn't it? Social Security has worked very well as a safety net for people who have worked hard and deserve to at the very least have food and shelter after they reach the age where it is often hard to work, or if you are still strong and able, even harder to get work than it is for people in their prime working years.

Social Security is also what keeps you from trying unsuccessfully to live in a cardboard box under a freeway overpass if you become disabled due to illness or accident. Not if you decide to just be lazy, radical right propaganda notwithstanding.

I remember a time when most politicians seemed to respect Social Security. Then I lived to see the GOP attack it strongly enough for anti-Social Security to be reported often in the media.

I did not expect a real zinger of a blow to come from a Democratic President...one who is, ironically, often accused of being "socialist" and a "radical liberal" by his opponents.

But the political world today truly is turned upside down and sideways.

An article which comes from The Nation brings the bad news. I read it on Michael Moore's website:

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  1. How dare he! And I voted for him! How dare the Democrats? It's about time they stopped wimping out!


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