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Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh NO! I have no right to be blogging here!

According to one economist, I should not be blogging about economics. Despite the fact that it affects day-to-day life. The reason? I don't have a Ph.D.

See Salon.com's "Economist to bloggers: Shut up, fools."

I wonder if it's even worse that I freely admit that I don't have a Ph.D. And that I never pursued my education beyond a B.A. due to (wait for it) ECONOMIC reasons!

Something I guess I have no right to talk about. Damn.


  1. Bah, humbug! Gonna miss your blog! :P
    Just kidding. Keep blogging, economics is for everyone :D

  2. I didn't know anyone knew I was here ;) Thank you!


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